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Saturday Horsebow Demo with Seven Meadows Archery

Last Saturday was out first of what we hope a series of demos and classes coming to Broken Arrow! Saturday we had Courtney from Seven Meadows Archery with a demo of their line of horsebows.

The turnout was great and attendees got to test out a variety of bows from the Mongolian to the Avar, Tatar and the Hun.

As we’re happy to be a reseller of the Seven Meadows bows, it was great to have them here to really show of how fun they are AND just how well made their bows really are. Hand made in Hungary, the quality of these bows really shows.

Saturday Horsebow Demo with Seven Meadows ArcheryWhether it’s just for fun or if you want to hut with it, these bows really are a piece of art.


We do carry a small selection in stock and can custom order one just for you if you want something a little more special! Come in and try one out!

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