Chuck Pedracini – Shop OwnerChuck Pedracini Chuck has owned Broken Arrow Archery for 11+ years and has been hunting for over 40 years.
He hunts mainly Eastern Oregon and enjoys teaching new archers who come to the shop.
Chuck currently shoots a Mathews Z7



Dana RichardDana Richard – Shop Manager
Dana is a wealth of archery knowledge, both current and past.
Dana has been in the archery industry for 13 years and has been taking part in archery off and on for 34 years.
He currently holds a Pro Staff position with Hudalla Associates. For 2016, Dana will be shooting a Bear BR33. He also enjoys traditional and olympic recurve archery. He runs the recurve league on friday nights.


“Memo” Arqueros – Bow Technician



Joseph Roque – Arrow TechnicianJoseph Roque

Joseph completes most of the arrow orders and repairs that come through the shop. He enjoys outdoor activities and fishes with his family often. Joseph is fairly new to archery and has taken part in the 2015 general season. He plans to hunt the late deer season this winter as well.

Joseph shoots a Hoyt Spyder 30.








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